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6C Junior Golf Programs
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6C 青少年課程令你的小孩成長

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We FOCUS to improve individual's golf skills, to learn how to understand and enjoy the game of golf and to promote the game in Hong Kong.
Focus Golf 的宗旨是令每個高球學員都能在高球方面得到一定的進步,學習怎樣明白及享受高球,並推動香港本土高爾夫球。

Focus Golf offers individual or group lessons to golfers of all ages at all levels of skill. However, Focus Golf especially encourages kids and their families to learn golf from an early age and see what golf can offer to both individuals and family groups. This game can be especially challenging but ultimately it becomes extremely satisfying and enjoyable. It combines both physical and mental components which can be enjoyed in the outdoor setting. It's a game which a rapidly becoming very popular, with children beginning to learn it from a very early age.

Focus Golf 對不同年紀及水平的高球手均提供個人及小組的高球指導,並大力鼓勵小童和青少年以及他們的家庭成員共同學習和享受高球。 高爾夫球可以是一項充滿挑戰性的運動,但是最終目的還是今球手們得到滿足及樂趣。這項在戶外並同時在體能及思想上有一定要求的運動, 隨著世界各地的高球越來越年輕化及大眾化,亦漸漸越來越充滿樂趣。

Focus Golf teaches young golfers the basics of the game that all players need. Kids will soon come to enjoy golf, and as time goes on, many will become passionate about it. Sylvia's method of teaching combines a passion for golf but also emphasizes the components needed to be successful including improvement in patience, concentration, and the ability to face adversity.

本着對高爾夫的熱情,Focus Golf 教導小童及青少年的方法本着由淺至深的方法, 并用很多生動的遊戲教打高爾夫球,並着重令他們學到很多可以終生致用的良好品質,如耐性,集中,面對逆境的能力等。

Focus Golf hopes that students will also experience the joy of playing golf on the golf course itself, and also improve their confidence by regularly achieving personal goals as they develop different components of their game. They will also have the chance to join the FG Society where they will be able to meet other students and actively participate in FG Society "Golf Days" which will include both social activities and also some local golf competitions.

在未來的日子,她希望所有的球手和她一樣再接再勵,達到自己的目標。Focus Golf 將努力運作自己的球會, 力求所有球手從這裡開始,認識其他的球手,再培養定時練球的習慣,積極參加 FG球會 的"高球日", 由此亦積極參加本土的一些比賽,勇於接受更大的挑戰。


Sylvia Chan, the founder of Focus Golf, has committed herself to the golfing youth in Hong Kong for more than seven years. Sylvia derives great satisfaction from having young inexperienced children fall in love with the game and develop their skills over the years so as to fully enjoy all aspects of the game and extract the greatest fulfilment from playing it. Focus Golf believes that the integration of golf with studies and other aspects of childrens lives can contribute to their all round development. There are so many aspects of this game to enjoy and master that young golfers tend to maintain their interest in golf over many years. This gives them not only a lot of satisfaction but also a sense of achievement, both physically and mentally. This in turn improves their confidence which benefits them when new challenges arise. We all know that in Hong Kong the demands for educational achievement are high. But students need to find some balance in life, and the physical and mental components of golf offer them a challenge outside of the school to enjoy and keep them motivated in their studies.
作為 Focus Golf 的創立人,Sylvia Chan 致力推動本港的兒童及青少年高爾夫球已有多年寶貴的經驗。 眼見不少的小球手由最初的握桿到現在的盡情享受高球,Sylvia深受鼓勵。 Focus Golf 深信在高球學習和訓練中絶對可以令在學孩童在多方面的學習有一定的進步。 他們多數都能在不同程度享受高球并受到鼓舞,這令他們在體能及思能上得到很多的满足感及成功感, 由此在遇到新的挑戰時, 他們能有一定的信心去面對。眾所周知,香港教育在學業方面的要求十分高, 但學童需在生活中的各方面得到平衡,高球運動對體能及思能上的要求能满足他們享受校外的新挑戰, 亦鼓勵他們在校內取得更好的表現。




Kids/Junior program

Through accumulated years of experience, Focus Golf provides a lively method of teaching that encourages children to play golf in a safe environment. Focus Golf not only teaches the golf swing itself, but also the beauty of the game, correct etiquette and how to take the game from the driving range onto the golf course. Student will also learn swing aids, drills to ...

累積多年的經驗,Focus Golf 着重以生動及勉勵的方法教導小童及青少年高爾夫球, 在致力培養他們的興趣及高球技術的同時,他們亦培養出很多平時生活上不可缺少的良好品質。

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Adult program

Focus Golf is also experienced in teaching adults. We believe that unlike kids, adults have the ability to concentrate for a full hour in a lesson (unlike children who may benefit more from small group lessons). Focus Golf welcomes adults at all levels of experience and teaches not only the golf swing but also psychological aspects of the game and advice on ...

Focus Golf 在成人高球教授的經驗亦十分豐富,我們認為因成人集中於一小時課堂的能力比兒童高, 所以有別於教授兒童高爾夫球課程,聚焦高爾夫在教授成人高球的時候,主力以私人教授的形式, 著重於高球揮桿的技巧及心理戰術,亦鼓勵在課堂前的自己練習及去球場的經驗。為配合兒童高爾夫球的課程, 成人高爾夫球的教授時間多數會安排在平日上課。

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On course program
On course球場實戰

No matter how a golfer is introduced into the game of golf, after learning the basic swing and short game skills, they should go to the golf course as soon as possible to better understand and enjoy golf in the real setting. Focus Golf offers on course lessons to golfers of all standards. The on course lessons will concentrate on course management as well as ...

一個高球手不論以什麼渠道開始接觸高球,在掌握了最基本的揮桿及短桿技巧後,應儘早接觸高爾夫球場, 以便更快地認識及享受真正的高球。Focus Golf的高球實地課程針對不同水平的高球手的需求, 務求令學生在場上能暢快地發揮水平。和在練習場上的高球課程不一樣,實地課程會著重在教授18洞的心理及如何面對場上不同的情況, 以及其本的球例及禮儀。大多數的學生 ...

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Focus Golf 6C Junior Golf Program
6C Program6C 課程

Our newly launched 6C Junior Golf Program is a very exciting program. We support children to develop Confidence, Creativity, Concentration, Calm, Commitment .... and what's more? Of course, with Chan Sylvia - our head coach, HKPGA. Many students have been benefit from this program and they are now more Focus. What are you waiting for ...

我們新推出的6C青少年高爾夫計劃是一個非常令人興奮的課程。宗旨是發展及提升青少年的信心 (Confidence),創意 (Creativity),集中 (Concentration),冷靜 (Calm), 承諾 (Commitment ) .... 而且更重要的當然是與 Chan Sylvia (HKPGA, 青少年高爾夫球教學專家) 一起學習。許多學生已經受益於這個計劃,他們現在更加專注。你還在等 ...

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Campus Golf


Focus Golf in Hong Kong has years of experience in teaching students on University campuses and in schools. Most recently, successful classes for students have been held regularly at Hong Kong University.
Focus Golf 在香港發展校園高爾夫球已有多年的經驗,過往已為不少的中小學校教授高爾夫球,並取得良好的口碑。 近年,在香港大學的高球教授更取得一定的成績,接觸及發展更多的校園高球將成為 Focus Golf 其中一個主要的目標。

Focus Golf Society


Focus Golf Society has been registered as an approved society that can help you to obtain a handicap card. Besides, we will arrange society gathering regularly like "Practise with your PRO", "Society Golf Day" or "Your own golf day".
FG高爾夫球會已向香港高爾夫球總會注冊成為他們認可的其中一個球會,我們可以幫助申請差點卡。 此外,我們會定期安排聚會。如:“與你的PRO一起練球”,“FG高爾夫球日”及“安排你自己的高球日”。
Focus Golf Society
Focus Golf Society
Focus Golf Society
Focus Golf Society
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